Climbing Tower “Ogre”

  • Ogre, Latvia
  • 88 tons of steel structures
  • Complex geometry
ODDIN's work on the "Ogre" climbing tower in Ogre, Latvia, exemplified our commitment to tackling unique and challenging projects. This unconventional structure served as a training ground for climbers, standing tall with a distinctive design featuring numerous elements.

Our involvement encompassed the preparation of comprehensive workshop documentation and intricate structural analysis. Notably, the tower featured specialized decorative external plates, necessitating precise load calculations for both these decorative elements and the overall structure.

The project posed additional complexities as it involved integrating new constructions with an existing water tower. This integration demanded a high level of structural expertise and attention to detail.

Further, we addressed the substantial loads exerted on the upper anchor points, ensuring the tower's safety and stability even under overload conditions.

In embracing such unconventional challenges, ODDIN showcased its engineering prowess, contributing to the realization of the "Ogre" climbing tower as a distinctive and structurally sound landmark in Latvia.

  • Steel structures
  • Workshop documentation
  • 88 tones of steel structures
  • Complex geometry
Location of the completed project Ogre, Latvia