Salmon Farm

  • Tálknafirði, Iceland
  • 220 tons of steel structures
  • Total area : 4160m²
In the stunning landscapes of Tálknafirði, Iceland, ODDIN played a pivotal role in the realization of an essential project—a Salmon Farm. Our expertise in workshop documentation and static calculations was put to the test in this challenging endeavor.

With a total weight of approximately 205 tons and covering a substantial area of 4160 square meters, this project presented unique challenges. The installation process was further complicated by subpar foundation work carried out by another company. To overcome these obstacles, ODDIN stepped in, developing innovative solutions to ensure the successful installation of the structures.

This project in Iceland stands as a testament to ODDIN's unwavering commitment to delivering excellence, even in the face of adversity.

  • Steel structures
  • Workshop documentation
  • Static calculations
  • 205 tons of steel structures
Location of the completed project Tálknafirði, Iceland