Our team of young and ambitious engineers take pride in our approach to facade systems. Being in the 5% of companies who have mastered 3D BIM technology for the design of façade structures, we are able to save not only time and cost, but also ensure safe erection and better production control.

A wise man said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”. At ODDIN, we believe that facade systems are the future of modern buildings. We are cooperating with two of the largest manufacturers of façade structures in eastern Europe – Aile (UPB Group) and Skonto Plan (Skonto Group). Therefore, we specialize in all types of facade structure design (incl. modular structures) to which we include 3D precise modeling, complete workshop documentation, and installation schemes and reports. Are you still looking for a reliable partner for your facade design needs?

  • Tender preparation
  • Static structural analysis
  • Dynamic structural analysis
  • Detailed 3D modeling
  • Tekla 3D modeling
  • Industrial architecture
  • Workshop documentation
  • Assembly drawings