Automated Engineering Services

ODDIN’s history dates back to 2015 when the company was established in Kyiv, Ukraine. Since then, the company is building its own innovative way to success providing top-notch engineering services, hiring top talents and working with the best software. Our aim is to automate as many processes as possible with the goal of achieving maximal efficiency within the work process.


Through widespread automation and cutting-edge AI technologies, we provide engineers with comprehensive support to achieve their goals by delivering high-quality advanced engineering services to customers worldwide.


To become the most popular platform in the world for engineers to collaborate with each other and clients, multiplying engineers' capabilities and consistently delivering high-quality products within unprecedented timeframes.


  • 1. Focused on engineers: ODDIN is created for engineers and serving engineers is the primary task of the system that we have created and are constantly improving.
  • 2. Engineers shape the system (and not vice versa): An effective and comfortable system that welcomes initiatives/criticism and is ready to quickly implement changes is created by engineers.
  • 3. Automation: We prioritize automation as our top development focus, leveraging the expertise of our best specialists to automate anything that can be automated. It drives efficiency and innovation throughout our operations.
  • 4. Initiative and Dedication: We value individuals who display initiative, dedication, hard work, and a strong sense of responsibility. These qualities are at the core of our company culture, fostering growth and success.
  • 5. Respect: Respect is fundamental to how we interact within our team and with our customers. We uphold a zero-tolerance policy for intolerance and rude behavior, cultivating an environment of mutual respect and inclusivity.
  • 6. Honesty and Transparency: We believe in honesty, transparency, and objectivity when it comes to career growth and monetary compensation. Our motivation is based on objective indicators of professionalism, efficiency, and timely task completion.
  • 7. Collaborative Structure: At ODDIN, we foster a collaborative structure where everyone treats each other as contractors and customers. This mindset encourages mutual respect, self-organization, and a shared commitment to delivering outstanding results.
  • 8. Freedom through Responsibility: We empower our engineers with maximum freedom to organize their time and workspaces, provided that the outcomes meet our high quality standards and are delivered on time. This balance between freedom and responsibility promotes creativity and productivity.