Concrete structure design

As Le Corbusier once said, "Concrete is a noble material, capable of expressing the beauty of simplicity and the strength of functionality." Therefore, our second largest department of engineers is dedicated to concrete structures. We use cutting-edge software dedicated to providing fast and comprehensive project design solutions for all types of concrete structures, from typical to complex.

We specialize in cast-in-place and precast concrete and work with composite and prestressed structures. We provide structural analysis, 3D modeling and workshop documentation. Trust ODDIN to design your project, from foundations and plinth panels to columns/walls, beams, and overlaps. With over 100 projects, working alongside heavyweights such as UPB, PST, Norte and more, we have proven our expertise in providing reliable and cost-effective solutions. Don't compromise on quality - choose ODDIN.

  • Tender preparation
  • Static structural analysis
  • Dynamic structural analysis
  • Detailed 3D modeling
  • Tekla 3D modeling
  • Industrial architecture
  • Workshop documentation
  • GA drawings
  • Cast-in-place documentation
  • Precast documentation
  • Foundation and soil calculations