Rīgas Cirks

  • Riga, Latvia
  • Complex timber structure
  • Timber consumption: 208m³
  • 39 tons of steel structures

We take immense pride in our collaboration with the prestigious Riga Circus for the reconstruction of "Rīgas cirks." This captivating project involved the detailing of a timber structure, which although not voluminous, presented intricate execution challenges.

The focal point of our expertise lay in meticulously observing the geometry and ensuring seamless connections between the wooden panels. The complexity of the structure demanded precision in design and careful manual detailing, reflecting ODDIN's commitment to craftsmanship. While certain aspects posed inconveniences, our unwavering dedication and extensive knowledge of timber structures prevailed.

The successful realization of the "Rīgas cirks" reconstruction showcases ODDIN's profound expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results. We are honored to have contributed to the revival of this iconic venue, enriching Riga's cultural landscape.

Location of the completed project Riga, Latvia