2 Hangars

  • Krievu Sala, Riga, Latvia
  • 708 tons of steel structures
  • Fabric roof
In Krievu Sala, Riga, ODDIN undertook a distinctive project involving the construction of two hangars. These were not your typical arch structures; their fabric coverings demanded precise design to maintain a smooth roof contour and safeguard the material.

Within these hangars, we integrated platforms and stairs for equipment inspections. While we didn't design the foundations (a quite interesting design of the foundation), our team meticulously calculated and designed the connections to ensure structural integrity.

These hangars, with a combined steel consumption of 708 tons, served as storage facilities for bulk materials. The project showcased our engineering prowess, emphasizing ODDIN's commitment to innovation and excellence in every endeavor

  • Steel structures
  • Workshop documentation
  • Calculations
  • Connection design
Location of the completed project Krievu Sala, Riga, Latvia