Preschool in Salaspils

  • Salaspils, Latvia
  • Timber consumption: 1119m³
  • Total area: 1728 m²
  • 4 tons of metal structures
  • Finished: 2023

It was a privilege to do the detailing for the new preschool project in Salaspils, Latvia. The building's frame is a remarkable display of our expertise in wood and individual steel elements.

A notable feature of this project was the strategic approach to its assembly. Breaking it into parts allowed us to protect the wood from atmospheric influences and ensure its longevity. We meticulously crafted a suspended ceiling, adding a touch of uniqueness to the building's interior.

The complexity arose with the diagonal beams of the roof, which demanded intricate geometry. Nevertheless, our undivided attention and precision turned this challenge into a triumph.

Overall, the project, while not exceptionally difficult, required immense care and dedication, reflecting ODDIN's commitment to excellence in every endeavor.

We are honored to have contributed to the creation of this exceptional preschool, enriching the educational landscape of Salaspils.

Location of the completed project Salaspils, Latvia