Commercial Complex

Project 128IS_Сцена №2
  • Hafnarfjörður, Iceland
  • 275 tons of steel structures
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Nestled in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland, the Commercial Complex stands as a testament to ODDIN's engineering finesse. Within this vibrant project, challenges were met with innovative solutions, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary feats of design.

The complexities were manifold. Crafting the mezzanine required inventive approaches, while the intricate layout demanded meticulous planning. Narrow frames, instead of limitations, became opportunities for creative ingenuity.

Our team's expertise permeated every aspect of the project. The metal frame was meticulously designed, ensuring both structural robustness and aesthetic harmony. Our engineers provided architectural solutions that translated vision into reality, balancing functionality and elegance. Located at Móhella, this project utilized 275 tons of steel, reflecting ODDIN's dedication to quality and endurance. The Commercial Complex stands as a symbol of ODDIN's relentless pursuit of engineering brilliance, where challenges are met with creativity.

  • Steel structures design
  • Design of architectural solutions
  • Design of reinforced concrete foundations and floor slabs
  • 275 tons of steel structures
Location of the completed project Hafnarfjörður, Iceland