Kalvebod Community School in Copenhagen

  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Steel consumption: 350 t
  • Scope of work: steel/concrete structures design
  • Production and erection documentation

Discover the innovative "Kalvebod Community School in Copenhagen'' project designed by ODDIN, where creativity and functionality converge harmoniously. The campus features remarkable design elements, such as massive HQ beams that support an elevated sports hall, showcasing our expertise in combining steel-reinforced concrete structures.

Unique suspended ceilings, cleverly supported by hangers, further enhance the architectural aesthetics. Notably, our team meticulously crafted covered parking lots with an artistic flair, reflecting the school's modern vision.

As part of a holistic approach, ODDIN also designed bicycle parking lots, ingeniously mirroring the school's fluid lines and concept. This middle school marvel, including its integrated sports hall, exemplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional engineering and design solutions that enrich communities and inspire learning environments.

  • Finished: 2018
Location of the completed project Copenhagen, Denmark