Vilnius Airport

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  • Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Total area: 8361 m²
  • 865 tons of steel structures
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ODDIN proudly contributed to the expansion of Vilnius Airport, a project that enhances the functionality and aesthetics of one of Lithuania's most crucial transportation hubs. The addition to the passenger terminal, with its intricate design and engineering, stands as a beacon of our expertise in architectural engineering.

This extension, with a total steel structure weight of 865 tons, including 620 tons for the main building and 245 tons for the external canopies, covers a substantial area of 8361 m². The project's primary purpose was to augment the passenger terminal, offering expanded facilities and improved experiences for travelers.

The engineering journey of this extension was a tapestry of challenges and innovations. One significant aspect was the intensive coordination with adjacent sections like architecture, ventilation, and concrete. This collaboration led to numerous adjustments and approvals, ensuring that the final product seamlessly integrated with the existing structure.

Our team faced the exciting task of working with unusual geometries and devising unique structural solutions. The main facade of the terminal, with its distinctive triangular shape, is a highlight of this project. Meticulously crafted to align with the architectural vision, it involved extensive work, making it a unique feature in our portfolio.

Another achievement in this project was the effective unification of structures. This approach not only streamlined our drawing processes but also provided advantages to the metal structure manufacturing facility, with an increased number of typical assemblies. This strategic unification reflects our commitment to efficiency and precision in engineering.

  • Workshop drawings
  • Total area: 8361 m²
  • 865 tons of steel structures
Location of the completed project Vilnius, Lithuania