Ny Gråbergsutfrakt

  • Kiruna, Sweden
  • 240 tons of steel structures
  • Scope of work: steel structures design
  • Production and erection documentation
Reconstruction of a mining and processing complex with the aim of increasing productivity in the city of Kiruna, Sweden.

Before starting the design of this complex of galleries, a number of conditions were set that influenced the adoption of most decisions. The main problem for the reconstruction project was the continuously operating complex. To minimize the number of conflicts of new structures with existing conveyors and buildings, a survey (point cloud) was provided from this object.

Also, an important factor in the design was the tight installation time. Since the city stretches 145 km north of the Arctic Circle, the installation had to be done during the warm season. For this, it was decided to enlarge the gallery sections as much as possible and to cover them in production.

The gallery sections are large-span spatial structures with support spacing of more than 40 meters. The project consisted of 5 stages.

Location of the completed project Kiruna, Sweden