Jana Dalina Stadium

The stadium, which was named after a famous Latvian athlete, required the reconstruction. To the existing building, it was decided to add a space for a track-and-field arena as well as a hotel for foreign athletes and guests. The renovated stadium can place more than 1,000 spectators under the cantilevered roof outside the main building.

The new building consists of two parts - the main part is a cantilevered steel roof on top of concrete structures, and the second part has a 50 m spanned steel roof made from light-weight trusses. Main challenges with this project concern the big welded roof cantilevers detailing and their clever division in marks to avoid assembling issues.

  • Total area: 12,400 m²
  • Number of stories: 3
  • Finished at: Spring 2020

Location: Valmiera, Latvia
Steel consumption: 600 t
Scope of work: Steel structures production & erection documentation