Vallsta Asphalt Plant

  • Upplands Väsby, Sweden
  • 335 tons of steel structures
  • Total area 435m²
  • 40+ meters height
In Upplands Väsby, Sweden, ODDIN undertook an ambitious and technologically advanced project: an asphalt plant. This endeavor showcased our expertise in providing meticulous workshop documentation for complex industrial facilities.

The plant's sheer scale was evident in its towering structure, reaching an impressive height of 40 meters. It hosted an array of supports and intricate technological equipment essential for its operations.

Our involvement extended to calculating precise load distributions stemming from the extensive machinery and equipment integrated into the facility. This critical analysis ensured the structural integrity and reliability of the asphalt plant.

Over the course of seven months, ODDIN diligently contributed to this substantial project, with a total tonnage of 335 tons and an expansive area covering 435 square meters. Our commitment to delivering excellence in workshop documentation played a pivotal role in realizing this significant technological endeavor in Sweden.

  • Steel structures
  • Workshop documentation
  • 335 tones of steel structures
Location of the completed project Upplands Väsby, Sweden