Dear friends, As we bid farewell to an eventful March, we're excited to share a recap of the milestones we've reached together and offer a glimpse into the promising ventures April holds. March Highlights: Innovation in Engineering: We kicked off the month by sharing invaluable tips for Trimble Tekla users, focusing on the "Import Attributes" feature to simplify working with large datasets efficiently. Celebrating Women in Engineering: International Women's Day was a moment to honor the extraordinary women at ODDIN and in the world. Their relentless drive and creativity continue to inspire and shape our journey towards engineering excellence. Partnership Appreciation: A heartfelt thanks went out to BIM SOLUTIONS UKRAINE for their crucial support and the free provision of IDEA StatiCa software, a testament to our collective resilience and dedication amidst challenging times. Product Launch: March saw the unveiling of our ODDIN ERP™ system, version 1.0, marking a significant leap in our technological evolution. This system is designed to cater specifically to the engineering domain, offering customizable solutions to fit any company's unique needs. Networking Opportunities: Our CEO, Alexander Naumov's, business trips to Norway and Finland opened doors for meaningful connections and collaborations. It's these interactions that drive forward our mission of engineering innovation. A Story of Solidarity: Lastly, we shared how ODDIN stands with Ukraine, showcasing our dual commitment to advancing our industry and supporting our nation’s defense efforts. The collective action of our team, partners, and friends underscores the profound impact we can achieve together. Looking Ahead to April: April is shaping up to be another exciting month at ODDIN, with a lineup of announcements and showcases that underline our continuous innovation and global project success. Introducing Outkit for Tekla: We're thrilled to introduce Outkit, our latest plugin development for Tekla Structures. Outkit is designed to revolutionize how engineers and designers interact with Tekla, enhancing productivity and project delivery through intuitive features and seamless integration. Showcasing Our Global Reach: Stay tuned for detailed posts about our recently completed projects in the Faroe Islands and Sweden. These showcases will provide insight into our team's versatility, creativity, and the ability to tackle engineering challenges across diverse geographical and environmental conditions. Exploring New Frontiers with Unreal Engine 5: We're also excited to share our journey into the realm of Unreal Engine 5. This venture represents a significant leap in our capabilities, opening up unprecedented possibilities in architectural visualization and interactive design experiences. As we continue to push the boundaries of engineering and design technology, your feedback, ideas, and collaboration are invaluable to us. We look forward to sharing these developments with you and exploring new frontiers together. Thank you for your continued support and partnership. Here’s to a groundbreaking April! Warm regards, ODDIN