Arc Stadium in Iceland

Structurally the arena consists of massive spatial truss-like arcs and bracing systems between them. Main arcs are assembled on-site from 16 separate marks and then stabilized by braces made from light-weight trusses. In the middle of the roof, there is a hatch for a natural light source.

At first, the main task for this project was to make documentation for production & erection. Unfortunately, we received the model in an unfinished state. The decision was to remodel almost every element.

The main problem with this project was the oldest enemy of ours - time. The initial model lacked some parts and was incomplete and had a ton of critical collisions between parts. Also, complex connections located in two inclined planes and marks with mainly circle profiles made the project harder.

  • Total area: 9,600 m²
  • Arc span: 80 m
  • Finished at: 2021

Location: Iceland
Steel consumption: 1,200 t
Scope of work: Connections remodeling, production & erection documentation for steel structures